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Who We Are

Welcome to XEMAR

Lloseta - Baleares

  • At Xemar, we are dedicated to the distribution of premium frozen seafood, supplying renowned hotels and restaurants in the region. Our approach is simple: offer the highest quality products accompanied by exceptional service.

Premium Quality, Unparalleled Flavor

Our seafood products are carefully selected to guarantee superior quality and unparalleled taste.

From the depths of the ocean to your table, we strive to bring you the best of the underwater world.

Exceptional Service

We understand the demands of the hotel and restaurant industry, and we are here to meet and exceed your expectations with on-time delivery and customer service that strives for excellence.

Incomparable Variety

We offer a wide range of seafood, allowing you to explore and create exquisite menus that will delight your guests.


We are committed to sustainable practices, ensuring that our seafood products are sourced responsibly to protect marine ecosystems for future generations.