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Our products

At Xemar, we are proud to offer a diverse and exquisite selection of frozen seafood. Our products are carefully selected to guarantee the freshness, quality and flavor that your guests deserve.

Xemar Pescados y Mariscos Premium


Enjoy our great selection of frozen fish, brought from different parts of the world to delight your palate.

Our star products include Icelandic Cod, Norwegian Salmon, National Squid, Moroccan Cuttlefish, John Dory and Hake, among others.

Xemar Pescados y Mariscos Premium


Discover the richness of the ocean with our variety of frozen seafood. We offer Scottish Norway Lobster, Enlisted Shrimp, Lobster, Lobster, Galician Mussel, Argentine Shrimp and more.

All our seafood is frozen on board to guarantee freshness, and provided without fattening for an authentic experience.